Bud & Breakfast Is Airbnb for Weed

Bud & Breakfast Is Airbnb for Weed

You’ve filled the dishwasher and wiped the counters, but somehow that dank aroma of the late night kitchen sesh just won’t stop lingering in your Airbnb. Fear not, renters! At the new vacation rental site, Bud & Breakfast, that’s exactly what they expect.

It only makes sense that cannabis-friendly home rentals are next in line for new companies looking to capitalize on expanding legalization. The Boulder, Colorado, company launched last Thursday.

“We want to provide an accessible network of accommodations that meet high standards of quality, reliability, and satisfaction for travelers who also wish to enjoy the benefits of this wonderfully healing plant,” said CEO Sean Roby.

Anyone else catch that “high standards” drop? Nice.

The site works much like its inspiration, Airbnb, and features properties mostly in states and countries where recreational marijuana is legal, such as Colorado, Alaska, and Uruguay.

“This goes beyond people looking to smoke pot,” Roby said. “There are families with sick children looking for alternative treatments and adults who live with handicaps being treated with cannabis. Bud & Breakfast makes it possible to find a comfortable setting, like a private home, to begin healing. It’s great to know we can help them.”

Next time you’re looking for a rental where you can literally roll over in bed and wake and bake, maybe Bud & Breakfast is for you.