Cannabis Lite: A Gentler Edible Experience for Beginners

Cannabis Lite

Remember those days not so far back when edible makers would try and pack as much THC and more recently CBD as possible into each food item? I remember when triple strength was a huge dose—about 180 mg of THC—then soon after I saw a 1000 mg edible, then 5000mg, and who knows what they’re up to now as I haven’t looked for powerful edibles much lately. Most of the time these edibles, especially the ones crammed full of as much cannabis as possible, taste like shit since that the main component of the product is cannabis, whether it's an oil, butter, or whatever cannabis medium these edible makers use for their confections. Like I said, more often than not the more powerful the edible, the less it tasted like it should, or more importantly how you think it should. And oh, that horrible aftertaste… One of my biggest pet peeves is still tasting or burping up the edible three hours later. Can I just eat the edible and move on?

With all the recent stories by Maureen Dowd and a plethora of others surfacing about bad experiences, mostly concerning too-powerful cannabis-based edibles, a new push and marketing ploy by edible companies is looking to change the game. Denver has cemented itself atop the current cannabis movement at the moment and in turn is having its recreational marijuana dispensaries trying to tap into more of the beginner/novice market by offering customers a huge variety of products that impart a milder buzz, and in theory would make it much easier for inexperienced customers to find a dose they will not regret taking a couple hours into the edible experience. 

Colorado has gathered positive research data giving them good reasons to court these new users. A recent marker study revealed that as much as 40% of recreational customers are tourists. That number takes a huge spike up to as many as 90% of recreational users are tourists in resort towns such as Aspen and Breckenridge, just to name a few.