Charity in Denver Shows Some Kushmas Spirit

Charity in Denver Shows Some Kushmas Spirit

(Photo: WXYZ)

If you were a homeless person on the streets of Denver on Christmas Eve, it’s probably safe to say you were having a rough night. Life couldn’t be going how you planned it. Whatever the reason, you’re without family and without a warm place to stay the night that you can call your own for the holidays.

Many things could make your night better, or at least a little more bearable. And if you were on the streets of Denver last Thursday night, it’s likely something did. Something in the form of greeny goodness, courtesy of a local non-profit that sent out volunteers to hand out pre-rolled joints to the homeless on Christmas Eve.

Why was Cannabis Can handing out free joints to the homeless of Denver and anyone else who wanted one of the 1,000 they had? It was an attempt to raise awareness about the homeless situation in the city and solicit donations to buy RVs where homeless people could use the bathroom and get a shower, something that is imperative if they hope to secure employment and ultimately get off the streets.

"'Cannabis can make a difference,' is kind of what we're standing for," said Nick Dicenzo, founder of Cannabis Can. Not only can it brighten the day of someone who needs their day brightened, cannabis has also been proven a great way to get news coverage for the cause you’re advocating. The article you’re reading (and the one linked above) being prime examples of this.

Along with the joints, volunteers also passed out flyers and business cards with information on how and where to donate for the RVs. While it’s true some homeless people don’t want jobs, many of them do. Wouldn’t it be better for them and society in general if they were given an opportunity to join the workforce?

Cannabis is compassion.