Expect More, Pay Less: $800 Worth of Pot Found in $5 Target Toy

Expect More, Pay Less, $800 Worth of Pot Found in $5 Target Toy

Target definitely lived up to its slogan of "Expect More, Pay Less" recently when a Canadian family got $800 worth of marijuana inside of a $5 children’s toy.

A Canadian boy found a large bag of marijuana hidden inside an Angry Birds toy his parents had purchased for him from a Canadian Target store on Feb. 11 of this year. When the boy got his toy home and unboxed it, he discovered inside the newly purchased Angry Birds Telepods game a bag containing about 85 grams of marijuana with a value upwards of $800.

The family quickly reported the find to the local authorities, which came to the family's home to inspect the toy. Soon after, police searched all the other Angry Birds toy boxes at the Southern Ontario Target in case other toys had been stuffed with contraband as well. The search ended up being fruitless — only the one toy was found to contain marijuana.

Making things right and giving this tale a happy ending, Target has since given the boy a replacement Angry Birds game.