Happy Danksgiving! 'The Stoner's Cookbook' Kicks Thanksgiving Up a Notch

Happy Danksgiving! 'The Stoner's Cookbook' Takes Thanksgiving to a Higher Level

There’s no better way celebrate Thanksgiving than by getting stupid high before buckling down and feasting your heart out in the name of gratitude. This year, there’s a better way to ready your taste buds than sneaking out back with Uncle Ned to hit his pipe that hasn’t been cleaned since he bought it in ’69.

The Stoner’s Cookbook is a user-generated collection of recipes, tips, and ideas that takes cannabis cooking to the gourmet level in an approachable way. On the site, you start with the basics by learning to make cannabutter, infused oil (from coconut to canola), or infused teas and beverages. If you’re more adventurous (as most stoners tend to be in the kitchen), try one of the mouthwatering recipes the site has to offer: Sriracha Peanut Noodles, CannaGuac Tacos, and Triple Baked Cannabis Potatoes sounded especially good to this gal.

If you’re looking to get on a higher level this Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving if you’re not as comfortable being blazed around your bubbie: I swear! She knows…), try the CannaBiscuits or Cannabis Deviled Eggs as an appetizer to get you ready for the main attraction.

Either way, The Stoner’s Cookbook is a great resource for the aspiring chef or even the curious at-home cook. And with the most fat-kid holiday there is coming up, what better time than the present?