Justin Bieber Tweets About Medical Marijuana

Justin Bieber Tweets About Medical Marijuana

Only a small number pf people have the ability to grab the world’s attention with a single tweet. Justin Bieber is one of those people, and he did so with this tweet:

The video linked in the tweet is from ATTN: and talks about big pharmaceutical companies who are putting up big money to stop marijuana legalization. In fact, drug companies have put up almost a billion dollars to stop legal cannabis over the last 10 years.

Furthermore, in states that have passed medical marijuana laws, Medicare prescriptions have fallen. Overdose deaths in those same states is dropping as people replace deadly and addictive pills with cannabis.

So Big Pharma has to be worried when Justin Bieber tweets out to his almost 90 million followers, most of whom have probably never given the subject of medical marijuana much thought. For many of them, mostly teenagers I would assume, seeing the video could lead them on a quest to find out more information. After all, the fact that these companies are spending so much money to stop legal marijuana is a testament to how well it works; if it didn’t work, why bother trying to keep it illegal?

The tweet has over 70,000 likes as of this writing and the video itself has over 12 million views. That means the information is getting out there. People are seeing the truth for themselves and hopefully they are looking for more truth now that they are more aware.

Education is the key. And if people like Justin Bieber – who says he’ll be “talking more about this” – help to spread that information then we welcome them to the fold and we march forward to spread the truth with them.