Kramer’s Back: Michael Richards Plays a Pot-Using Chauffeur

Kramer’s Back: Michael Richards Plays a Pot-Using Chauffeur

Is the world ready for the return of Kramer?

Ready or not, the embattled Seinfeld legend Michael Richards returns to TV Wednesday as a medical marijuana-using chauffeur in Kirstie Alley's "Kirstie" on TV Land. Richards told the Los Angeles Times Sunday that his anger problems led to his bigoted tirade at a comedy club in 2006, rather than any innate racism. Richards took a bunch of time off after the incident and took up photography. 

Typecast after Seinfeld, Richards said he relished the chance to build his Kirstie character, who smokes weed medicinally. 

Everything I suggested came into the script. I wanted to bring him certain character touches, like I wanted the character to be on medicinal marijuana. ... Because it's a fact of life in California? It's all over the country. A big cultural movement taking place. And I just thought he should be on medicinal marijuana on his time off. I didn't want to have him drinking. Kirstie's character drinks.

"Kirstie" opened to poor reviews