Man Reportedly Used Brain Embalming Fluid to Soak Marijuana He Smoked

Man Reportedly Used Brain Embalming Fluid to Soak Marijuana He Smoked

Some people are weird and they do weird things.

Consider the story of Joshua Lee Long of Pennsylvania. According to police, at some point Joshua got tired of regular weed and started soaking his marijuana in brain embalming fluid in an attempt to enhance his high.

This bizarre practice came to light last month when Joshua’s aunt called police after she found a human brain in a bag under a porch while she was cleaning out a trailer. He allegedly admitted to her over the phone that he would spray the formaldehyde used to preserve the brain on his pot.

“The defendant related that he knew it was illegal to have the brain and that he and (another man) would spray the embalming fluid on ‘weed’ to get high,” wrote PA Trooper John Boardman, the investigator in the case.

According to authorities the brain was probably a stolen teaching specimen, one that Joshua supposedly named “Freddy.”

Joshua was already in jail when all this happened, and it’s likely to lower his odds of getting out anytime soon (he’s been charged with conspiracy and abuse of a corpse).

Sadly, the trend of smoking marijuana laced with formaldehyde is not new; the topic appeared on the Grass City forums more than 6 years ago. Some say the effects are similar to those that arise when someone smokes PCP.

As long as human beings live and breathe, some will always be looking for new ways to alter their consciousness. That is why the “War on Drugs” will never work. People will always experiment, often to their own detriment. We can do our best to educate them, but not everyone learns.

The lesson from today’s story? Stick to good old fashioned natural cannabis.