Marijuana Company Springs for Tornado Victims' Hotel Rooms

Marijuana Company Springs for Tornado Victims Hotel Rooms

The unfortunate people who lost their homes last week when a tornado wreaked havoc on the central Illinois city of Delavan received help from a new business in town.

Revolution Enterprises, one of the leading medical marijuana companies in the state and also part of the devastated community, is paying for hotel rooms for residents displaced by the powerful tornado.

When the twister touched down, more than 50 homes were damaged as the tornado, which reached wind speeds of up to 120 mph, tore a one-mile path through the community of nearly 1,700 residents.

“Nine homes were declared uninhabitable,” said Delavan Mayor Liz Skinner.

Fortunately for the residents of the small bedroom community, no one was killed in the tornado, which also took down trees, garages, and even grave markers at the local cemetery. The National Weather Service rated the twisters strength as an EF2 — a significant tornado on a scale that goes from EF0 – EF5.

The marijuana company's 75,000-square-foot facility in Delavan escaped damage, said company spokesman Bradley Vallerius. The tornado hit soon after the company started growing cannabis under lights inside its locked, environment-controlled facility.

Revolution Enterprises announced in a news release Friday that it expects to harvest and process medical marijuana as early as October.