Marijuana Fans Get Their Own Dating App

Marijuana Fans Get Their Own Dating App

The annual online dating season peaks this year with the launch of a snazzy, new “Tinder for the marijuana enthusiasts” app, High There, today.

High There iterates on the, Stonersingles, theme with a clean, bright, interface and a professional marketing splash. Denver CEO Todd Mitchem said he started the site after a series of bad dates that ended over cannabis use. A full half of Americans feel uncomfortable around people using weed, a 2013 Pew Research survey showed.

For the baked and proud, High There is available as a web site and as an android app on Google Play.

It offers a familiar swipe and match feel, similar to Tinder, which facilitates hook-ups in the user’s area. Both male and female daily tokers are likely to have more sexual partners than abstainers, a 2009 study found. The plant has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times and was listed in the U.S. Dispensatory until at least 1854, according to The Science of Marijuana (Oxford Press, 2007) and Handbook of Cannabis (Oxford Press, 2014).

Thousands of users have signed up for the service since in its first day of launch, Mitchem said, and he had some rules of the road:

“Remember a few things. We do not permit the showing of cannabis products including weed, wax, shatter, pipes, bongs, dab rigs, vape pens or other product-only shots. You must only post actual images of yourself to keep the community focused. After all people don’t want to meet your weed. They want to meet you!”

Find love and peace, America.

Story by David Downs at Smell The Truth. Check out Smell the Truth for all the latest cannabis news and features.