Marijuana in the Mainstream: MTV Video Music Awards

Marijuana in the Mainstream: MTV Video Music Awards

(Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Miley Cyrus recently hosted The MTV Video Music Awards and, as you might have heard, Miley likes to smoke weed. Well, as you can imagine, all of Miley’s weed talk at this year’s awards show rubbed some people the wrong way.

The people at the Truth Initiative – those behind the anti-tobacco commercials you see all over TV – felt that Miley’s “promotion” of cannabis during the broadcast confused people.

“It is entirely understandable for viewers to be confused, after hearing so much about marijuana during the VMA broadcast, to see a powerful advertisement about the dangers of tobacco,” said Eric Asche, chief marketing officer of the Truth Initiative, which ran two ads during the awards ceremony.

It seems the confusion is with the fact that cannabis and tobacco are two totally different substances that have completely different effects on the human body. If the message that kids got was that cannabis is safer than tobacco, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

In any case, MTV is playing to their core audience, college age people, who just happen to love weed more than ever. That’s why they picked Miley as the host in the first place. They expected her to talk about weed and other assorted things that young people are into.

In a grander sense, the ceremony further cemented marijuana into the mainstream, at least among the younger generations. Cannabis being as accepted as alcohol is a must if nationwide legalization is ever going to happen. Like her or not, Miley Cyrus actually normalizes cannabis use through her antics. She’s having fun and not hurting anyone, which is the case with marijuana users everywhere.

Could Miley do more to further cannabis legalization? Maybe. But on the flip side, she could also be hiding her cannabis use; instead she wears it with pride and will tell anyone who will listen that she loves weed. If only everyone was in a position to be so bold.