Marijuana Museum Opens in Uruguay

Marijuana Museum Opens in Uruguay

Last week a museum dedicated to teaching people about marijuana opened in the South American country of Uruguay.

"Cannabis has historically had so many different benefits," said Eduardo Blasina, the director of the museum. “It has been used as food, as a textile, to make fishing nets and paper, and today it is providing us with novel types of medicine.”

In 2013 Uruguay legalized marijuana with certain restrictions. Marijuana growing at home is legal if approved by the government and pharmacies are scheduled to eventually open and sell government-approved marijuana, up to 40 grams a month per user.

One of the interesting artifacts in the museum is a medical marijuana prescription from California…written in 1915.

It’s great to see things like this happening all over the world, but at the same time it’s sad to see that the opening of a museum about something as amazing as the cannabis plant is still such a novel idea.

Plans are currently underway in Pueblo County, Colorado for the eventual opening of a National Marijuana Museum. “We’re saying the summer of 2018 is our current target of when we’d like to see it open, but we’re literally just now in the process of setting up our legal structure, the bylaws, the articles of organizations, bank accounts, local development, all the things to start doing our marketing and fundraising,” said Jim Parco, who is part of a committee known as Growing Pueblo’s Future, which includes a coalition of civic and business leaders in the city.

One day marijuana museums will be common; maybe not as common as many other types of museums, but you’ll be able to find one in many big cities. There are so many things to be learned about cannabis and while the Internet is an incredible resource, there will always be a place for museums people can visit with their friends and family and learn things that could be very beneficial to their lives.