National Marijuana Use Increases As Arrests Decrease

National Marijuana Use Increases As Arrests Decrease

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has found that marijuana use has risen 57% since 2007 while marijuana possession arrests have fallen by 21%, forming a 50% drop in marijuana enforcement intensity.

These statistics show a drop from roughly one arrest for every 2,900 days of use in 2007 to one arrest for every 5,800 days of use in 2013, meaning that average twice-a-week toker can now reasonably expect to be arrested less than once every 50 years.

Respected marijuana policy expert Dr. Beau Kilmer attributes the out-of-ordinary correlation between use and arrests to “the increasing legal protections offered by medical marijuana laws and the decriminalization of possession in California.”

As pro-marijuana legislation continues to pass in many states and districts around the country, we can only predict an even bigger increase in the number of users and decrease in possession arrests in the future.