New York Times Crossword Clue Describes 'Pot Farms'

New York Times Crossword Clue Describes 'Pot Farms'

Pseudo-intellectuals scratched their heads Saturday morning as they pondered the possibility of the infamously arduous New York Times crossword puzzle making a marijuana reference.

The clue for 1-Across—the indisputable spot of honor—read, “Where much grass grows.” Eight letters, one play on words. The answer? POT FARMS.

“Ten years ago, I probably wouldn’t have allowed this because I eschewed drug references,” said Times crossword editor Will Shortz. “They felt unseemly for the Times, given that marijuana was universally illegal. Now that marijuana is legal in several states and some of its stigma has dissipated, I think an occasional pot reference is okay—especially when it’s clever.”

I agree, you brilliant bastard, if only because it’s the one NYT crossword clue I’ve ever been able to solve.

The Times took a stance in August in support of legalization and the end of marijuana prohibition, so it stands to reason the pot-pun door has officially opened for its beloved crossword puzzle.