The Next Stoner Cult Classic Has Arrived in 'Body High'

'Body High' Movie Could Be New Stoner Cult Classic

Imagine a movie about two dispensary owners… Pretty cool, right? Now imagine a movie about two dispensary owners, a bunch of hot women, Flavor Flav, and a hilarious gay security guard. That’s Body High in a nutshell.

Body High, written and directed by Joe Marklin, is a stoner comedy promising to become the next cult classic. When two dispensary owners find themselves in some financial woes, a new aphrodisiac strain of weed may be just what they need to lift their problems. Filmed in a real dispensary, Body High has many celeb-stoner cameos, such as Flavor Flav in all his Flavor glory, Corey Feldman as a crazy apparition, and Nick Swardson being, well, Nick Swardson. With the love and help of the community, what started out as a simple project about two California dispensary owners soon escalated into the little indie-flick that could.

Ray (Bug Hall) is part owner of Nature’s Goddess, a cannabis dispensary he recently started with his hot girlfriend Lily (Mackenzie Mason) and his best friend Greg (Cokey Falkow). Already faced with financial issues, things take a turn for the worse when the city hands them a warning to update their clinical permits or their dispensary will be shut down by the summer. Meanwhile, a sleazy Moroccan drug dealer named Karim is trying and failing to load off a new strain of weed around the Los Angeles drug crowd.

Our two stories combine when Karim approaches Nature’s Goddess with his new strain that he promises to be a the most powerful and sacred weed of all time. Intrigued, Ray accepts Karim’s strange new strain only to find out the fun way that when smoked by women, the weed turns them into vicious, horny, sex fiends who will try to sleep with anyone on two legs. With the help of their hilariously flamboyant security guard Derek (Lance Allen), they call the new strain Wet Socks because “the girls get so wet, their socks get wet.”

The plot takes another turn when the group finds out that Greg owes $25,000 to a group of shady gangsters. On top of their already existing financial issues, our hemp-heroes must come up with 25 grand in one day or else their hippie friend’s life will be cut short.

When I first heard of the plot for Body High, I thought it was going to be a shady rip off of Clerks with even shadier film quality. I was severely wrong. It was refreshing to see a movie about a gang of pot shop owners instead of a couple of bar owners.Even Archie from All in the Family had a show about owning a bar; the plot has been done time and time again, which is why Body High set out to be the first of its kind to take place in a real dispensary.

I’m glad to see that with the wave of cannabis supporters starting to rise in North America comes new generation of pot culture. Gone are the days where the only pot-related movies you could find were ones with your typical stoner stereotypes like Cheech and Chong. A new era has begun in which big-screen stoners will own businesses, lead normal lives, and not sit around all day eating Twinkies.

What I really enjoyed about Body High was the gay security guard named Derek; he was everything a sassy, black security guard should be. From his love of bread pudding to his “tranny in training” dance, Derek was like the comedy glue that held the film together. He especially proved himself in the bizarre twist ending where you find out where the weed is made, tying all plots together in one crazy showdown.

I would definitely recommend Body High to any stoner with a credit card. Given the premise of the plot, there is a lot of female nudity which some women (who aren’t into horny, naked ladies) might get bored of. I would say this movie is targeted more towards men, but the comedy styling can be enjoyed by any pothead on the planet. I must admit, I do need to go back and watch it again because there were a couple scenes that didn’t make sense to me—not because it was confusing, but because I was probably taking a hit at the time and wasn’t looking at the screen.

Body High is available online only and can be purchased or rented here for as low as $4.99 USD.

Overall I would give Body High, the first movie of its kind…


P.S. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish “Wet Socks” was a real strain.