NorCal's Coolest Weed Farmer's Market is Back

NorCal's Coolest Weed Farmer's Market is Back
Sonoma County-based licensed medical cannabis dispensary Organicann announced Nov. 2 the return of its now-legendary Harvest Market on Nov. 16 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 301 E. Todd Rd. in Santa Rosa.
As we reported earlier this year, the relaxation of cannabis prohibition is creating legal space to hold farmer's markets for medical marijuana and sporadic markets have been held in California and other medical marijuana states. California legalized medical marijuana for patients, caregivers and collectives in 1996 and 2003, and Organicann's Harvest Market is among the most prominent and regular.  
Organicann collective members can get great deals on outdoor-grown weed next Saturday at the Harvest Market, which is filled with booths of patient-vendors selling excess produce from their annual 2013 crops. All profits go to local charities, Organicann reports. It's a great way to support local cultivators and sample the harvest, with samples going for $5 a piece and six-sample packs going for $25.
Organicann is looking for more patient-cultivators for the market and encourages valid patients to join the collective and book an appointment. The Santa Rosa club expanded its selection of outdoor this year in response to consumer demand, they write.
"So far this year, we have already had many outstanding varieties including: Fire Cookies, Lavender Trainwreck, Subcool's own Qrazy Train and Jesus OG. While indoor is often prized for the control cultivators have over their growing environment, we are able to select only the best product from the wealth of outdoor buds that are available in Northern California this time of year. We choose to carry only the healthiest, most delicious and powerful flowers. Therefore, if you want the most extravagant selection of hand-picked, artisan outdoor buds, OrganiCann is the place to be!"
Isn't it time you joined the Slow Weed Movement?