Obama Pardons More Federal Prisoners Serving Drug-Related Sentences

Obama Pardons More Federal Prisoners Serving Drug-Related Sentences

(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Everyone that I love and enjoy spending time with has very discerning opinions. I think being opinionated is also a sign that you are person both exceptionally judicious and considerate — two qualities of high value; I have always said the most considerate person is also one of the sharpest and especially discerning. 

Those with a strong will usually have strong opinions, and they rarely keep from sharing them. It is a great thing to have strong convictions, but acting on them is important too — just try not to be a jackass. 

If you have the eggs to speak loud and proud, you should be able to offer up an apology, even if the responsibility for the wrong was not a result of your own actions. Even if you might not particularly agree that there was any wrongdoing on your part at all. There is at least a little honor in being a martyr, so long as it is a quiet one. 

What I am talking about is saying you are sorry. A good apology is sometimes always the most effective solution; every married man I know would attest to that fact. President Obama made some strong moves earlier this week, commuting the sentences of 95 men and women holding federal prison sentences for ridiculous sentences. 

That effort nearly doubled his number of commutations during the prior seven years of his stay in office and is five times as many as those from the combined five presidents before him:

"Many had been imprisoned since the 1990s. Some were doing life sentences for drug offenses. Most were cocaine offenders, but the commutations also included people doing time for marijuana, meth, and heroin."

Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of inmates still serving time for bullshit offenses and sentences to match, but this handful of people will have their lives changed. Maybe this bit of reprieve will start a snowball effect given all of the marijuana reform that we have managed so far, and a guy getting busted for two fucking joints does not cost all of us over a decade of prison time.