Oregon Marijuana Legalization Tour

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Tour

If you're planning on voting Yes on 91, then pack your bags and head to the North West for a free (one event exception)  6-day, 10-city tour around Oregon to educate and discuss the need for marijuana reform. The well respected travel authority of America, Rick Steves, will be directing the tour. 

For 30-plus years Rick has lived out of his suitcase, written more than 50 travel guides and hosted more than 100 travel shows on PBS. Rick has truly experienced culture and life to its fullest. To have someone like this pushing for marijuana reform in Oregon is truly a step in the right direction for the whole of the United States to see. 

"One thing I've learned in 30 years of travel is that treating marijuana as a crime does not work," he said. "A better approach is to regulate it, legalize it, and tax it. I'm an advocate for better policy, and thats's what Oregon will get once measure 91 passes."

If you are at all interested about dates and times of events, check out this link here: VOTE YES ON 91

Story by Chewy at TheNug.com