Oregonians Can (and Do) Serve Weed at Weddings

Oregonians Can (and Do) Serve Weed at Weddings

Legal weed is lending a new element to weddings in Oregon. In fact, a West Linn couple elected to have both bar and budtenders at their summer nuptials.

“We were shocked by how much people loved it,” groom John Elledge told KGW Portland. “I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.”

While legally a venue with a liquor license cannot serve both alcohol and marijuana at the same event regardless of legalization, Elledge’s wedding was held on a privately owned Christmas tree farm, taking away the need for a public venue liquor license.

According to the Oregon Liquor Control Board, consuming marijuana on private property, just like consuming alcohol, is entirely legal — as long as no minors partake and the quantity of weed available follows rules for possession.

“We made sure we were legal,” Elledge said. “We know the limit is 8 ounces, so we had small amounts of 13 varieties with a budtender controlling consumption.”

Most weddings I’ve been to always end in a puff or two (or 10) anyway. With legalization, why not take away the stigma of secretly toking behind the catering tent and provide weed in a regulated, classy way?

“Even an 81-year-old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the ’60s came into the tent at our wedding,” Elledge said. “Though skeptical at first, she ended up loving it.”

You go, Grandma, and congrats to these party pioneers!