Pretty Sure Some Weed Fell Out of Kevin Durant's Car Friday Night

Pretty Sure Some Weed Fell Out of Kevin Durant's Car Friday Night

Kevin Durant was just trying to get into his tinted-windowed car and leave the club Friday night. Paparazzi filmed and photographed him as he waited for his ride, asking questions about his injury and how he’s healing. Durant answered politely, giving more mild attention to the paparazzi than many other celebrities and athletes. But when the car arrived and he opened the back door to get in, a large canister of what any onlooker could only assume is weed tumbled to the ground.

Durant seemed unperturbed, ignoring the canister as one of his party quickly snagged it up and pocketed it. A paparazzo remarked, “Uh oh, droppin’ the weed!” A bodyguard stepped in front of the camera saying, “It’s cool man, don’t do that, don’t do that,” and the party entered the vehicle and drove away.

Now thankfully for Durant, this happened outside a club in Los Angeles, CA, where weed laws are about as relaxed as they can be without full legalization. And who can say whether the weed was Durant’s or belonged to one of his crew? 

Either way, Oklahoma City isn't even the playoffs, so you do you, KD.

It is possible, however, we have a classic case of an athlete treating pain with weed instead of prescription drugs; if this is the case, get in line. If not, maybe his crew should remember not to leave large canisters of weed rolling around on the ground. You never know who’s going to be waiting outside the door, camera at the ready.