Ricky Williams Compares Weed to "Spinach for Popeye"

Ricky Williams Compares Weed to "Spinach for Popeye"

Contrary to most critics who might say that marijuana use derailed Ricky Williams from reaching his full potential, the former NFL star believes quite the opposite.

In a recent interview with Campus Insiders, Williams spoke about his new role as a running backs coach at the University of the Incarnate Word, and was asked what he tells his students about his infamous marijuana use, which the interviewer insinuated as an "Achilles heel" to Williams' career.

"I don't agree that it was an Achilles heel. I kind of think it was more like spinach for Popeye," Williams said.

Last month, former teammate Channing Crowder commented on the positive aspects of Williams' marijuana use.

“Remember that Buffalo game, the 200-yard game?” Crowder asked in an interview with WQAM radio in Miami. “Smoked the night before. Talk to Ricky. He was doing it, that's what he did. Ricky has social anxiety and he smoked weed. Ricky's marijuana didn't affect the team until he got caught smoking. … Him smoking weed, sitting at his house smoking weed, didn't affect anybody but Ricky. He got high and then he sobered up and then he went to practice the next day.”

Sounds like it may have been harsh marijuana punishments -- not marijuana itself -- that kept Williams from reaching his true potential. The NFL suspended and fined Williams for testing positive several times throughout his career, including a suspension for the entire 2006 season.