Sharon Osbourne Does Not Approve of Cannabis Legalization

Sharon Osbourne does not Approve of Cannabis Legalization

Talk show host Sharon Osbourne believes that the U.S. shouldn’t legalize marijuana.

“I have big resentments that this is happening,” Osbourne told CBS TV, as reported by “Anything that alters your mental state I don’t think should be allowed… You can say prescribed medication can alter your mental state, but I don’t agree with it all.”

The smugly shortsighted Osbourne is likely taking into account all the drug-fueled rampages she’s seen her family go on, rather than the massive amount of relief that cannabis provides for children with severe epilepsy, war veterans suffering from PTSD, or even people simply recovering from bone fractures.

Osbourne believes we shouldn’t worry about those people, but instead the impending chaos on the motorway.

“The next thing I am waiting for is when someone is working heavy machinery, when they are driving a car. It is all going to end in tears,” Osbourne added, oblivious to the fact that highway fatalities in Colorado have dropped to near-historic lows since the state legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Osbourne went on to make a bold prediction that likely won’t happen at this point.

“In years to come there will be new laws for those who are smoking and using marijuana… This will end not the way everybody thinks it will,” Osbourne said.

More of Osbourne’s buffoonery can be seen weekly on The Talk — CBS’ unapologetic attempt at imitating ABC’s successful talk show, The View.

Story by Oscar Pascual at Smell The Truth. Be sure to check out Smell The Truth for all the latest and greatest cannabis news.