Snoop Dogg Fumbles Weed-Themed Question on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Snoop Dogg Fumbles Weed-Themed Question on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

On this week’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud, infamous weed-lover and cannabusinessman Snoop Dogg faced off against Sugar Ray Leonard. Much to Steve Harvey’s dismay, Snoop managed to miss the first question in the game, which was ironically about his favorite subject: marijuana.

“Name something Grandma might do if she caught Grandpa smoking marijuana,” the question read. Hitting the buzzer first, Snoop answered that Grandma would hit Grandpa. However, Sugar Ray’s answer was higher up on the board, sending the first question over to his family. When none of Sugar Ray’s family members were able to land an answer on the board, Snoop got a chance for redemption.

“Sell it,” he said, to the laughter of Harvey and the crowd. However, Grandma slangin’ Grandpa’s confiscated weed didn’t make the board either, leaving Snoop with two failures to win a question that was probably tailored to his personal interests.

In Snoop’s defense, I think it’s pretty safe to say he was suuuper high himself for the taping. Later in the game, Steve said to Snoop, “Fill in the blank: ‘Pie in the …,’” to which Snoop replied, “Horse.”

In the end, Snoop managed to win $25,000 for his charity and seemed to have as much fun as a horse filled with pie.