Snoop Dogg Is Producing a Weed Comedy Show for MTV

Snoop Dogg Is Producing a Weed Comedy Show for MTV

(Scoop Nest)

Rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg will be the Executive Producer on a new MTV show Mary + Jane.  But wait, there’s more!  On top of producing this new comedy, he will also be guest starring in the first season and creating the show’s theme song.

The show centers around two budding ganjapreneurs, played by Scout Durwood and Jessica Rothe, who own and operate a pot delivery service in Los Angeles.  When asked about the show, Snoop joked that he would be the perfect person to produce it, because, as he puts it, “I’ve been delivering weed for a long motherfucking time.”  For those of you who are avid Snoop fans, or just know a lot about weed delivery, you will know that Snoop has his own service in Los Angeles, Eaze.

So, remember when we said Snoop is going to guest star.  Well, he won’t be starring as Snoop D-O-Double-G.  Instead, according to fellow executive producer Deborah Kaplan, “He’s like a Snoop Fairy”.

Please tell us he gets to wear green spandex and wings.

“You don’t know when he’s going to appear. You have to watch all the way to an end to see him,” Kaplan added.  Furthermore, they won’t even release what episode it’s going to be.

Snoop has a lot of famous friends, and it got us wondering what other celebrity guest stars there will be.  Reportedly, Seth Green, Leonard Roberts, Missi Pyle, and Andy Daly will also make appearances on the show.

Mary + Jane is being produced by Snoop’s Merry Jane production company, and will premier on MTV on September 5th.

Here is a preview of the show courtesy of MTV:

“Paige and Jordan may be weed dealers, but in their eyes they are entrepreneurs. Their dope delivery app is quickly gaining popularity with foodies, celebrities and — the most particular and crucial consumer — hipsters. This half-hour comedy takes an entertaining look at two LA girls who are desperate to succeed, find a little romance, and keep their clients happy and high — all with the least amount of effort possible.”