So... Marijuana Ice Cream Is a Real Thing

 So...Marijuana Ice Cream is a Real Thing

Evidently marijuana-infused ice cream is a real thing, and this stuff is the real deal, made by a third-generation ice cream maker — a far cry from the endless sea of questionable edibles made in anonymous kitchens from across the Bay Area I saw for sale during the 4/20 festivities in San Francisco.

Ice cream gurus Ben and Jerry have already stated that they were considering concocting a cannabis-infused ice cream for their popular line, but it looks like the duo has been beaten to the punch. Isaac Lappert, a third-generation ice cream maker, current HempCon edible champion, and graduate of the Culinary Institute, has been operating the Cannabis Creamery for well over a year now from his Sausalito, CA, location. 

Cannabis Creamery's mission statement, as described on its Facebook page, is "to give you first and foremost a high quality tasting ice cream with a kick to it ;)."

Cannabis Creamery has been supplying marijuana-infused ice cream to medical marijuana dispensaries for about a year and a half. The ice cream servings come pre-packaged in a 4-ounce cup and contain around 60 mg of THC. Being a trained professional, Lappert knows how to balance the strong taste of marijuana with flavors that can stand up to it, like mint chip, coffee, and citrus. During the summer months, Cannabis Creamery sold an average of 4,000-5,000 cups of the cannabis-infused treat per week. And in keeping with the ongoing California health craze, the Cannabis Creamery notes that its products are organic, contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and also comes in vegan flavors, including passion fruit sorbet.

So who is buying weed ice cream? Lappert estimates that around 90 percent of his customers are recreational users, and around 10 percent eat the stuff for medicinal purposes.

Lappert collected the "Best Edible" prize on behalf of Cannabis Creamery at San Francisco's HempCon this past weekend, and he emphasizes that it cannot be bought at his retail location, Lappert's Ice Cream shop in Sausalito.