Tony Greenhand Makes a Living Rolling the Coolest Joints You've Ever Seen

Awesome Dinosaur Joint by Tony Greenhand

(Instagram @tonygreenhand)

This guy who rolls joints for a living is proof that you really can have a career doing what you love.

26-year-old Tony Greenhand (don’t ask me if that’s his real last name) lives in Albany, Oregon, and has turned joint rolling into an indisputable art. From a blaze-able Pikachu that could’ve jumped right out of your phone to an imitation AK-47 crafted out of joint papers, blunts, and a half pound of weed, this guy is the Picasso of spliffs.

Many of his artistic endeavors are made to order, though some are based on pure inspiration, like his dream to create a joint in the shape of Mike Tyson eating an avocado.

 He’s almost hit the 100,000-followers mark on Instagram, where he showcases his best work from a miniature Spiderman to an adorable, smoke-able taco. (Dibs.)

The AK-47 mentioned before just sold for $7,000.

This guy is an inspiration to college kids everywhere whose parents are asking what they’re spending their book money on. Chase your dreams, folks! You could be the next Mr. Greenhand.