TruTv to Air Show About Colorado Marijuana Business

Tru Tv To Air Show About Colorado Marijuana Business

Get ready to see a lot more weed on television, as TruTV recently ordered a pilot episode of a marijuana-based reality show.

Titled “Medicine Man,” the show focuses on the family-run Medicine Man Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado. Working from a massive 40,000-square-foot factory, ten members of the Williams family work hard to produce the amount of pot needed to keep the dispensary fully stocked. According to The Wrap, the show aims to depict the family as typical entrepreneurs rather than lazy stoners.

Executive producer Tony Krantz is at the helm of the show, and is also responsible for the shows “Felicity” and “24,” so it won’t be too hard to throw in a terrorist interrogation if the show gets a little milquetoast.

“We’ve been in places and seen things that people would have been arrested for only a short while ago,” says Krantz of the project. “This is a moment in our nation’s history just like the end of prohibition, and we’re telling the story of one family at the center of all of it. This is a fascinating and timely story of a new American Dream.

No premiere date has been set, so visit StT for further “Medicine Man” updates.

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