Washington D.C. Smells Like Weed and It’s No Big Deal

Washington D.C. Smells Like Weed and It’s No Big Deal

Roughly a year ago, voters in Washington D.C. voted by a wide margin to legalize the growing and possession of cannabis — within limits, of course. A year later, people in the District still support the legalization law with favorability rating of 69%. And this is despite the fact that the city smells a lot like weed

A recent Washington Post poll found that 57% of D.C. residents say they have caught the odor of marijuana at least once in the last month. Of those residents, 62% say the smell either doesn’t bother them at all or doesn’t bother them “too much.” Less than 40% say the smell bothers them at least a little bit.

It’s fair enough to say that the smell of burning marijuana is not a favorite of everyone, but I would imagine many more people would object to the smell of garbage or to the smell of certain foods when they are being cooked. I smell Asian cuisine at least five times a month and I hate it, but what are you going to do? A lot of people like Chinese food.

The point is, certain people may want to use the fact that some object to the smell of cannabis as a basis to restrict its availability, whether in D.C. or elsewhere in the U.S. Steps can be taken to lessen the odor, but as laws relax, masking the odor becomes less necessary.

Conversely, people consuming edibles and using vaporizers will cut down on the smell. In any case, much like smoking it, smelling weed isn’t going to kill you or even make you sick. It can be annoying, especially to someone who doesn’t smoke, but that can be said of a lot of things.

Can you smell that? It smells like freedom.