A Weed-Themed Reality TV Series Is in the Works

A Weed-Themed Reality TV Series Is in the Works

While the burgeoning cannabis industry is in the headlines just about every day, there has yet to be any real inside look at how legal weed actual operates. There have been talks about NBC hosting a marijuana-themed sitcom, and networks like CNN dedicate considerable time slots to marijuana finance and industry, but something seems to be lacking. Knowing that legal weed is projected to be a $30 billion industry in the next five years is great, but the general public is equally, if not more, curious about the day-to-day operations.

Thanks to High Noon Entertainment, our wait may finally be over. High Noon Entertainment is a production company in Colorado, and best known for shows like House Hunters, Tough Love, and Cake Boss. They are currently pitching a reality series called Green Man Cannabis to several major networks. This won’t be any ridiculous, drama-filled MTV-esque reality show, however, as the show will focus on the emerging cannabis financial industry.

The series would follow Christian Hageseth, author of Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures In The Budding Legal Marijuana Business. According to Jim Berger, High Noon’s CEO, “The behind-the-scenes world of this Wild West industry is complex and fascinating. has been credited with leading the revolution and creating the rules. There’s no better guide into this fascinating world.”

Hageseth’s company, also called Green Man Cannabis, has been described as “the fastest growing and most innovative legal marijuana company in the U.S.” They have also won several times at the Cannabis Cup.

Hageseth’s insight into the cultural and economic changes brought about by legal weed make him a prime candidate for this type of show, and it will be interesting to see what network will give both him and High Noon the green light.

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