Beckley Report: Cannabis Legalization Could Save UK Billions

 Beckley Report: Cannabis Legalization Could Save UK Billions
A new report issued by the Beckley Foundation has stated that the United Kingdom could save anywhere between 500 million and 2.5 billion pounds if the government were to introduce broad marijuana legalization and policy reform.
The savings are attributable to the net cost of law enforcement and court proceedings related to marijuana crimes. These savings are balanced against additional governmental costs, such as increased health and wellness initiatives and a comprehensive, secure regulatory framework.
The Foundation, a global advocate for science-based drug policy reform, goes on to state that the UK could expect to receive new, additional revenues at anywhere between 100 and 415 million pounds.
The 143-page study presents a model for regulation highly similar to the current model for tobacco sales.
In a released statement, Beckley Foundation’s Executive Director Amanda Fielding said:
“In a strictly regulated market, we could control the strength and purity of cannabis. We could educate, and provide treatment instead of prison. Surely, the governments of the world can do a better job of protecting the health and security of its citizens than the drug cartels.”