UK Government Report to Recommend Legalized Pot

A UK Government Report Suggests Legalizing Cannabis

Nearly a year after voters in two American states legalized cannabis, a report commissioned by the British Parliament is expected to recommend the country follow suit, reports the Sunday Times. The paper suggests the report will set off a bitter battle between conservative Home Secretary Theresa May and liberal Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who pushed for the drug policy review.

Last month a different study found that the United Kingdom could save over 1.25 billion pounds (2 billion dollars) by legalizing the prohibited plant. Secretary May has dismissed calls to consider more rational drug policy options, and earlier this year caught flack for criminalizing the khat plant that is chewed by many immigrants.

Earlier this month, Deputy PM Clegg accused conservatives of standing in the way of smarter drug policy, according to The Guardian. Saying that even police were calling for cannabis reform, Clegg lamented, "I think we keep banging our head against the wall and in fact I find it very frustrating that my Conservative coalition partners are not prepared to look more openly, imaginatively."

Maybe a puff of pot could help them with that?