Adam Carolla Doesn't Think California Will Legalize Weed This Year

Adam Carolla Doesn't Think California Will Legalize Weed This Year

TV and radio personality Adam Carolla doesn’t think California voters will choose to legalize recreational marijuana this election. Why? According to Carolla, because they love to over-regulate and control people’s lives.

“Every commercial that depicts California shows people running on the beach with the dog and the drink in their hand and having a big bonfire at the end of the night—all of those activities are things you’d be arrested for if you lived in California,” Carolla said.

While many are taking the fact that recreational legalization will pass this year for granted, it’s easy to forget there are some big-money players actively campaigning against any form of legalization. Roger Morgan, for one, gained national fame last month when he said, “Almost all of the mass murders we’ve had in recent years, the person has been a heavy marijuana user because it changes the brain.” This terribly misinformed creature has launched a campaign called StopPot2016, whose aim is (shockingly) to stop pot in 2016. Jokes aside, though, there are a lot of people out there who hear a stupid quote like that and don’t think to question it because it validates prejudices they already have, and men like Roger Morgan are dangerous to marijuana reform as a whole.

Furthermore, it was taken for granted that California would vote to decriminalize back in 2010 when Prop 19 graced the ballot—and I think we all know how that ended.

Basically, Carolla just doesn’t see it happening. He thinks the happy, carefree image of California that the state itself has spent so much money perpetuating directly contradicts its reality.

“We have more rules and regulations than any place in the world,” he said. “It’s not as footloose and fancy-free as you think.”

I see his point, but I sure do hope he’s wrong. Don’t take legalization for granted, Californians, and make sure to get to the polls to end this pointless prohibition this November.