Anti-Marijuana Activist Claims Cannabis Leads to Mass Murder

Anti-Marijuana Activist Claims Cannabis Leads to Mass Murder

Roger Morgan doesn’t like cannabis and he doesn’t think you should be using it. While he begrudgingly admits medical marijuana might be here to stay, all other uses of the cannabis plant are anathema to him and he believes they should be strictly outlawed.

I know what you’re thinking: who the hell is Roger Morgan and why should you care what he thinks about marijuana?

To be honest, there is little reason to care, except for one simple fact: crackpot theories tend to attract other crackpots, and if they aren’t refuted early on, they turn into full-blown crackpot movements.

Consider this theory proffered by Mr. Morgan: he claims that "almost all of the mass murders that we've had in recent years" were committed by “heavy marijuana user(s).” From this specious bit of conjecture he concludes that smoking weed causes people to snap and kill a bunch of other people.

Let’s assume that most mass murders also use cannabis. What about the millions of regular cannabis users who seem to make it through every day of their lives without killing anyone? And what about all the other substances most young men (which most mass murders tend to be) use on a daily basis? Why didn’t any of those substances make them kill? I’m sure a lot of these guys have been to a U.S. Post Office; did waiting in long lines make them kill?

A lot of troubled young men use cannabis, that doesn’t mean that cannabis makes them kill people. In fact, anyone who has ever used marijuana knows it reduces violent tendencies in the user. When thinking of substances that would make people more violent and aggressive, several come to mind, including alcohol.

The bottom line is that correlation is not causation and anyone can spew a crackpot theory if it’s backed up by correlation alone. Using Mr. Morgan’s logic, breathing air causes cancer since anyone who has ever gotten cancer has also had to intake oxygen at some point.

People like Roger Morgan are losing their grip on the minds of the public; it’s up to us to stamp out their reefer madness once and for all.