Councilwoman Resigns After Switching to Anti-Marijuana Stance

Councilwoman Resigns After Backlash from Switching Stance on Marijuana

A Missouri city councilwoman has resigned from office after she reversed her pro-pot stance on marijuana decriminalization, prompting enough signatures collected to force a recall vote.

Ginny Chadwick supported the decriminalization of growing marijuana during her campaign for city council, yet once elected, she voted against the same issue, betraying voters who put her in office for that reason.

“Chadwick made a mistake fairly typical of politicians,” Amber Langston, director of Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, told “Quite simply, she underestimated the degree to which marijuana policy reform motivates constituents.”

When it became clear last week that the city had amassed enough signatures for a recall vote, Chadwick resigned, saying that remaining in office through the vote would be an “unwise use of city resources.”

Although this occurred on a minor political level—the city council of Columbia, Missouri is hardly the big leagues—it does show that marijuana reform is such a hot-button issue that voters care enough to hold politicians accountable (for once). Chadwick ran for her seat supporting marijuana decriminalization to appeal to the majority of voters, but let her personal bias prevail when called upon to represent the opinion of those who elected her.

It’s heartening to see politicians of any scale be held responsible for what they say to get into office, and it’s even more heartening to see that marijuana reform is the cause that’s inspired people (at least in this case) to take action.