DEA Blames the Media for Making Marijuana Arrests Tougher

DEA Blames the Media for Making Marijuana Arrests Tougher

The Drug Enforcement Administration has released its latest Drug Threat Assessment, contributing a whopping 22 pages to marijuana; by comparison, prescription painkiller abuse only garnered 16 pages.

Obviously the DEA still thinks cannabis is a major problem, a problem only made worse by various legalization measures enacted across the country. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it seems some in the media are spreading evil propaganda.

"Many states have passed laws allowing the cultivation, possession, and use of marijuana within their respective states,” the report reads, in part. “Due to these varying state laws, as well as an abundance of media attention surrounding claims of possible medical benefits, the general public has been introduced to contradictory and often inaccurate information regarding the legality and benefits of marijuana use. This has made enforcement and prosecution for marijuana-related offenses more difficult, especially in states that have approved marijuana legalization."

“Claims of possible medical benefits?” That alone is a misrepresentation of the abilities of marijuana at best and a blatant attempt at being deceitful at worst. The medical benefits of cannabis have been proven in hundreds of studies and millions of people attest to them every day of their lives.

But those at the DEA know this. How could they not? After all, even they admit the stories are all over the media. But they also know that their very survival now depends on a blurring of the issues. They will issue vague pronouncements about “often inaccurate information” without any citations to back up what they are referring to and hope it fools some people.

The DEA is a dying agency, and none deserve death more. They will make a lot of noise before they go, but the tide of history is against them and it’s just a matter of time before they lose marijuana as an issue they can use to pad their bloated budget.