Democratic Party Calls for “Pathway” to Legalization

Democratic Party Calls for “Pathway” to Legalization

(Photo: C-SPAN)

Supporters of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have managed to get more robust language concerning cannabis legalization into the party’s platform ahead of the Democrat National Convention later this month.

Going into the platform committee meeting the language regarding marijuana called for “"policies that will allow more research on marijuana, as well as reforming our laws to allow legal marijuana businesses to exist without uncertainty."

After a vote of 81 to 80 and some contentious back and forth between Sanders supporters and Clinton supporters, a new amendment emerged:

"Because of conflicting laws concerning marijuana, both on the federal and state levels, we encourage the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a Class 1 Federal Controlled Substance, providing a reasoned pathway for future legalization."

Even more robust language had called for marijuana's complete removal from the Controlled Substances Act, but some thought that went too far at this time.

This is certainly progress, especially for one of the two major political parties in the U.S. But it also shows just how far politicians are from the rest of the country when it comes to this issue, and all issues. While they debate the possibility of maybe looking into the issue at some point in the future, the majority of the country thinks it should be legalized already.

This is why those who support legalization have to bypass the politicians and take legalization to the voters in so many states. Unfortunately there is no practical way to get legalization on the ballot nationwide, so the federal government has complete control over the issue; yet another way the feds overstep their bounds and control the lives of people who are not infringing on the rights of anyone else.