Details for Medical Marijuana Initiative in Ohio Unveiled

Details for Medical Marijuana Initiative in Ohio Unveiled

The Marijuana Policy Project-backed group Ohioans for Medical Marijuana has unveiled the basics of their plan to legalize medicinal cannabis in The Buckeye State.

The plan calls for 15 large-scale grow sites (up to 25,000 square feet) augmented by an unlimited number of smaller growers capped at 5,000 square feet of grow space. A Medical Marijuana Control Division would be set up to oversee the regulations and licensing of growers, processors, dispensaries and caregivers.

If the Initiative makes the ballot and the voters approve it this November, dispensaries could be open by early 2018. Some of the qualifying conditions include AIDS, PTSD, severe pain, cancer and Chron’s Disease.

Many of our readers and Ohio voters will remember the debacle of Issue 3 in Ohio last year. Much has been learned from that and should be put to good use this year.

Another medical marijuana initiative has recently entered the fray from a group known as Grassroots Ohio, although it is shorter on details than the plan from OMM. Hopefully the two plans can move forward without the acrimony that sprang up among competing measures last year.

MPP estimates there could be more than 200,000 people in Ohio who would qualify as medical marijuana patients under the OMM plan. OMM will need to gather over 305,000 valid signatures by July 6th to qualify for this year’s ballot. The measure should fare well if it makes the ballot, considering the high poll numbers enjoyed by medical cannabis and the fact that 2016 is a Presidential election year and Ohio is a critical swing state. Turnout, especially among young people, will be larger than usual.

The next 8 months will determine the future course of the cannabis law reform movement. If you’ve ever wanted to get involved, the time is now. 

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