The Drug Enforcement Administration Joins Twitter

The Drug Enforcement Administration Joins The Twitterverse

The folks at The Drug Enforcement Administration are now bringing the latest in narc news directly to you, and in less than 140 characters to boot. Those with a Twitter account can follow @DEANews for all the latest in the "War on Drugs" and whatever else the DEA is getting into these days.

As an added bonus, the DEA makes it even easier for you to report on nefarious drug-related activity, at least according to a recent press release. All you need to do is fill out their simple "Submit a Tip" form and you are well on your way to ridding your streets of drug dealers and those zany hippy potheads.

As of this writing, @DEANews has only put out 2 tweets, one directing followers to the DEA website and one trumpeting the disruption of a "#narcoterror" plot involving a "Greek National." Their Twitter bio tries to dispel any worries over privacy, claiming that they will not "collect comments or messages" through the @DEANews account.