Field Poll: 56 Percent of Californians Favor Legalization

Field Poll: 56 Percent of Californians Favor Legalization

(courtesy of Clean Green)

A new Field Poll released Tuesday finds a 56% majority of Californians favoring the adoption of a proposed statewide initiative to decriminalize the use and cultivation of marijuana in California.

In 1969, the Field Poll found that 75% of Californians wanted either strict enforcement of marijuana laws against its use or passing even tougher laws, while only 13% favored its legalization.

“The latest Field Poll completed last week graphically illustrates the huge reversal of public sentiment toward marijuana since that time. At present, just 31% favor strict enforcement of existing laws or passing tougher sanctions, while 55% favor legalization.”

“For the first time since 1969 when The Field Poll began tracking Californians’ attitudes toward marijuana laws, a clear majority (55%) favors its legalization. This subdivides between 8% who believe it should be legalized so it can be purchased by anyone and 47% who support legalizing it with age and other controls like those for alcohol.”