Florida Medical Marijuana in a State of Limbo

Florida Medical Marijuana in a State of Limbo

If you are a patient in Florida that needs medical cannabis, it’s hard to know exactly where you stand. If you are interested in getting into the medical cannabis industry in Florida, it’s even harder to know where to go from here.

The failure to pass a medical marijuana bill in 2014 has triggered several attempts to get legal protections for patients. Florida Governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill into law that allows for some medical marijuana access, but only if you are terminally ill. For sick children a CBD-only law was passed, but two years later those sick kids still have no medicine.

United for Care, the group behind the unsuccessful 2014 attempt, is back again this year with a more refined bill they hope will get the 60% needed to pass. Which means, for now, patients really have nowhere to turn for relief except the black market.

While politicians pay lip service to the idea of healthcare, millions are suffering across the country, many of them in Florida. They are considered criminals simply because they choose a more effective and safer alternative to prescription pills.

If you are an entrepreneur you basically have to guess on whether your services will be needed in the future. Do you start now and risk there being no legal customer base for your product? Or do you wait and maybe get beat to the market by a competitor?

The passage of Amendment 2 is critical for patients in Florida and for the industry that they will need. For many time is running out, especially considering the advanced age of those who live in Florida relative to those who live in other states.

They need to be brought out of the limbo and onto solid ground with safe access to their medicine.