Florida Politician Hates Pot Patients, Nobody Surprised

Pam Bondi hates pot

Florida politician Pam Bondi says pot is bad

Florida's attorney general is a pot-hating jackass, NBC reports. Activists in the Sunshine State recently filed an initiative to allow sick people to use medical cannabis, and Attorney General Pam Bondi has come out in staunch opposition to the measure. In a required Supreme Court filing related to the ballot title, Bondi lashed out against the initiative.

"Any physician could approve marijuana for seemingly any reason to seemingly any person," Bondi wrote of the proposal, which would allow patients with debilitating illnesses to use cannabis under a doctor's direction. Bondi says initiative proponents are misleading Florida voters.

Backers criticized Bondi for working to deny voters a choice in the medical marijuana matter. "It is not surprising that out of touch Tallahassee politicians like Pam Bondi continue to oppose compassionate health care policy in Florida," said campaign spokesman Ben Pollara. The cconstitutional amendment requires a 60% supermajority to pass.

The campaign to legalize cannabis in Florida has serious traction, with prominent attorney John Morgan contributing $400,000 to the signature drive thus far. Morgan, whose law firm employs former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, told the Orlando Sentinal that two unnamed national advocacy organizations—ACLU, Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project?—have expressed interest in supporting the campaign.