Florida Rep. Wasserman Schultz Alienates MMJ Activists

Wasserman Shultz Alienates MMJ Activists

Residents of Florida are none too happy with Incumbent House Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as far as the state’s medical marijuana program goes. 

Rarely do I take the time to saber-rattle against politicians — after all, my political allegiances have changed vastly over the years. I grew up in a hardcore Republican family, so that shaped my early years. Once I got to college, the liberal professors got a hold of me and I started to lean way to the left. That all changed almost immediately after I graduated and started spending more time with people in the "real world." Nowadays I find myself somewhere in the middle, taking my ideologies from both sides of the political spectrum. But enough about me...

This all brings me to the saga of mine and many others’ most despised politician, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who from here on out will be referred to as DWS. A little background if the name is unfamiliar to you, DWS is probably the biggest blowhard in all of politics, and I thank god on the daily that I don't live in Florida. If you don't believe me, just watch a few YouTube clips of her and you will understand.

By thoroughly browbeating her opponents, DWS managed to attain the position of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman. You would think with DWS’s political leanings that she would be a staunch supporter of ending marijuana prohibition — hell, even most republicans are in favor of some form of legalization these days. However, she is not. DWS’s seat in the House of Representatives is safe for now, however she has a strong interest in running for the senate should Marco Rubio relinquish his seat to run for president.

If all this happens, a strong resistance from a traditional ally of her party will occur as medical marijuana activists are expected to oppose her in force. This is because of her atrocious voting record on medical marijuana issues, and her criticisms of the nearly passed medical marijuana initiative last year. Four powerful political groups within the state that advocate medical marijuana and drug decriminalization have already let it be known that they will do everything in their power to keep DWS from reaching the Senate in 2016.

Last year, DWS ran afoul of MMJ advocate groups like The Drug Policy Alliance, People United for Medical Marijuana in Florida, the National Marijuana Policy Project, and Americans for Safe Access by comparing medical marijuana dispensaries to the state's many Oxycontin "pill mills" among other jabs at the cannabis industry.

Even her own team is not behind her, as one democratic consultant points out, "There is no ‘run Debbie run’ caucus. I don't say that to be mean, but she's not a statewide candidate for us. She's a very good congresswoman and I hope she stays there."

I'm not sure I agree with the second part, but you get the point. However, republicans relish the idea of DWS running, salivating over an easy victory.

Another Florida House Rep. Patrick Murphy, who did support the medical marijuana initiative, is expected to throw his hat in the ring for the Senate spot. I would take him any day over DWS — moreover I would take anyone, even someone with absolutely no political experience, over DWS. In this case, the only way to go is up.