Florida Will Vote on Medical Marijuana Legalization This Year

Florida Will Vote on Medical Marijuana Legalization This Year

(High Times)

Medical marijuana will have a chance once again in the Sunshine State this year, thanks to the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana, also known as Amendment 2. The same initiative came on the ballot back in 2014 in Florida, but sadly was just shy of receiving the support it required to pass. Many believe this was due to the voter turnout that year. Many people are very hopeful for a larger turnout this year, as it is a presidential election year. Presidential elections tend to bring more people to the ballots, and this is especially true for younger voters.

If this bill passes in November, the Sunshine State will be one of the only full on medical marijuana programs in the southeast United States. This bill could benefit thousands of individuals both young and old in the state, and has the potential to save hundreds of lives in the process as well.

Legalization of medical marijuana will also help Florida to retain some of the senior population as many individuals are relocating to places such as Colorado where they can legally choose cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. We sincerely hope that this bill passes, and that full on legalization comes soon after for the great state of Florida.