'I Wasn't a Choir Boy': Rand Paul on Marijuana Use

'I Wasn't A Choir Boy': Rand Paul When Asked About Marijuana Use

When asked in a televised interview Friday if he’s ever smoked pot, potential republican presidential candidate and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul skirted the question as elegantly as Bill Clinton’s claimed abstention from inhalation.

“Let’s just say I wasn’t a choir boy when I was in college,” Paul said, “and that I can recognize that kids make mistakes, and I can say that I made mistakes when I was a kid.”

Though Paul basically admits to past marijuana use, his repetition of the word ‘mistake’ better represents his political stance on pot than his admission of experimentation. He says he is decidedly ‘opposed to drug use,’ including marijuana.

“I think drugs, marijuana included, aren’t good for you,” he said. “I don’t want to be someone who is seen as being this person advocating for drug use. I think they’re not a good idea.”

Paul said he supports the current federal ban on marijuana and does not seek to end it, but does support allowing states to pass their own marijuana laws.

Well, worse things could come from a potential president who’s an outspoken member of the Tea Party.