Illinois MMJ Program Has Made Absolutely Zero Progress

Illinois MMJ Program has Made Absolutely Zero Progress

After almost a year and a half, the Illinois medical marijuana program remains M.I.A. Sure, the patients have been approved, fingerprinted, and paid their fees, but progress by the Illinois state government has thus far moved at less than a snail’s pace. Not a single seed has been planted. No dispensary applications have even been approved yet. And none of the 650 Illinois residents who are approved to buy medical marijuana have been able to attain any.

Illinois already has one of the strictest medical marijuana programs of any state that has passed cannabis anti-prohibition laws. Those who are medically prescribed cannabis must be suffering from one of 34 "debilitating medical conditions" that range from glaucoma to HIV.

Former Gov. Pat Quinn legalized medical marijuana back in August 2013. However after almost a year and six months has passed, not a single patient has received any medical marijuana. Within the state, many were hopeful that the departing governor would address the issue before departing from office. However, he left without mentioning it. The new Gov. Bruce Rauner has let it be known that he would have vetoed the original HB1 bill that legalized medical cannabis, all making for a bleak outlook when it comes to the future of medical marijuana within the state.