Kansas Senate Won’t Decide on Even Minimal Medical Marijuana Legalization

Kansas Senate Committee Won’t Decide on Even Minimal Medical Marijuana Legalization

The Corrections and Juvenile Justice Committee in the Kansas State Senate had two cannabis-related issues before them late last month: a reduction in some overall penalties for cannabis and allowing qualified patients to use CBD-only medical marijuana.

With only a voice vote, the committee sent the penalty reduction bill to the full Senate for a debate and vote. But on the CBD-only law they declined to decide, citing a lack of research concerning the medicine, which would be mostly utilized by children.

The GOP-dominated committee sent the bill on without recommendation, which will likely result in it being taken up by another committee. A classic passing of the buck, if you will.

Of course it could be worse; the committee could have just killed the bill. But in the end, CBD-only legalization is about as minimal and restrictive as medical cannabis gets. Even after hearing from some of the desperately ill children who say it helps them, the committee members, for the most part, remained unmoved.

The criminal penalties reduction bill was is mainly an effort to lessen pressure on the state’s overcrowded prison system. That is a positive, but the same committee just couldn’t muster up the courage to help out sick children.

It’s amazing to see the differences that exist when it comes to cannabis law reform in different parts of the U.S. California has wide open (less so now) medical marijuana while a Kansas Senate Committee can’t even approve a CBD-only law.

While politicians study this issue, children nationwide are having seizures that could be helped by the very medicine the politicians need “more testing” on. While they talk, kids are dying.

Many people don’t have the luxury of waiting for legal medical marijuana.