Marijuana Growing Bans Are Sweeping California

Marijuana Growing Bans Sweeping California

Many predicted that the new medical marijuana regulations passed by the state legislature last year would spell doom for patients in California. Sadly, the doom seems to be spreading throughout the state. What California NORML calls “ban-apalooza” is in full swing.

What’s going on? Well, it seems a deadline for cities and counties to enact bans on local cultivation was left in the final legislation by mistake. Now, faced with the possibility of not being able to ban cultivation in the future, many local governments are deciding to enact bans now.

That’s your government at work; is it not a beautiful thing?

Legislators are scrambling to fix the deadline mistake, but over 160 jurisdictions in the state have decided to approve bans, whether they be of commercial growing or commercial and home growing. This is impacting patients statewide.

Without growing, there is no supply of medical marijuana. Without home growing, many patients will be deprived of access to something that has been legal in California since 1996.

To make matters worse, the bans will make it impossible for local commercial growers to get the state licenses that will be available in 2018 because to be eligible you have to have a local license first. A lot of experienced growers are in danger of being cut out of the process.

In the end, adults should not need a reason to grow cannabis, whether medical or otherwise, but that is not the world we live in yet. Cannabis users will be made to jump through hoops and live in fear of getting what rights they have taken away again for the foreseeable future.

California legislators need to fix this problem — one they created in the first place. Now is not the time to start regressing when it comes to medical marijuana, especially in the state that started it all.