Is Marijuana Legalization Coming to Mexico?

Is Marijuana Legalization Coming to Mexico?

(LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images)

Earlier this month the Supreme Court in Mexico declared the country’s ban on the production, possession and consumption of cannabis to be unconstitutional. The ruling opens the way for legislation that could wipe away the prohibition of marijuana in the country.

While this would be of great benefit for the people of Mexico and a huge boon to their economy, it also has major implications to the people of the U.S., as would similar legalization from our friends to the north. Think about it: fully legal nations surrounding the United States — the same United States that pressured these countries on the Drug War for decades.

And what would the U.S. do about it? What could the government do to stem the tide of legal, potent weed flowing across both borders 24/7? Build a wall? That’s very unlikely, despite what Donald Trump says.

Only one avenue will be open to the U.S.: legalization. Cannabis prohibition will act as a black hole that sucks in every available gram of cannabis possible from Canada and Mexico. Cartels in Mexico will flourish and Canadian criminals will have enough money to buy all the maple syrup they want. As the black market is cut down to the north and south, it will look to the U.S. as the only way to stay alive.

In that case legalization would even the playing field and leave the bulk of the black market nowhere to go in North America. True, some of the black market will remain; after all, hillbillies still make moonshine to this day. But it will be greatly reduced and incapable of producing the monumental amount of violence it currently does.

We stand before an incredible opportunity. Cannabis could be legal nationwide in the U.S. in five years, but it all depends on what the feds do. If they decide to surrender in the war on cannabis users, legalization will spread through the states like a wildfire, with kerosene hoses dousing the fire from Mexico and Canada.