Marijuana in Maine: Portland Can End Pot Prohibition Nov. 5

Marijuana in Maine: Portland Can End Pot Prohibition Vote Nov. 5

Voters in Maine's largest city, Portland can end decades of failed cannabis prohibition Nov. 5 with a vote to decriminalize possession of personal amounts of pot for adults 21 and over.

Two weeks from today, Portland voters will consider Question 1, a ballot measure to allow adults 21 and older to possess up to two and a half ounces of marijuana within city limits.

Question 1 sponsor, Marijuana Policy Project said they chose the populous Maine city for the measure because they could go over the heads of politicians directly to voters, and “Passage of the Portland initiative would not only change city law, but would also send an important message to the entire state that Mainers are tired of wasting limited law enforcement resources on arresting and prosecuting adults for using marijuana responsibly.”

By 2017, MPP plans to pass a law in Maine that would tax and regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol. Polls show growing support for making marijuana legal in the state, so over the next three years, we’ll need help from all of our supporters to keep the momentum going.

Here's how Portland residents can vote earlyPotential volunteers can send an email to [email protected]