Medical Marijuana Legalization Will Be on Florida Ballot

Medical Marijuana Legalization Will be on Florida Ballot in November

As they did two years ago, voters in Florida will again have a chance to decide on medical marijuana legalization this November.

The group United for Care is the same group that was almost successful in 2014, getting nearly 58% of the vote (60% is needed for the constitutional amendment United is trying to pass). They are backed with heavy financial firepower in the person of Orlando lawyer John Morgan, who has spent millions trying to bring relief to patients in his state.

The group was able to get almost 700,000 valid signatures for their petition, showing the financial muscle they still possess.

“We feel very good that 60% plus of Florida voters will finally approve a true medical marijuana law,” said Ben Pollara of United for Care.

In 2014 casino magnate Sheldon Adelson spent a good chunk of money in Florida getting the vote under the 60% threshold after polls early in the year had support approaching 90%.

Disappointed in the state legislature’s lack of movement on the issue of medical cannabis (including an interminable wait for a CBD-only program), United for Care has decided they are the ones who will have to get this done.

With a large elderly population, Florida has a great many people who can benefit from medical cannabis. But right now they are considered criminals. Sadly, there are those who would like to see them remain criminals, and those people are the enemy. They will come to the state — and from within the state — armed with money and lies.

But United for Care is optimistic, especially since this a presidential election year, which will mean a larger turnout in the vital swing state of Florida. This will mean — they hope — more younger voters, and with them, success.